Elimetal is not only one of the largest and most experienced EDM operators in North America, but also one of the most advanced and innovative manufacturers of machined parts. The different EDM processes cover a wide range of applications in the aerospace industries such as cooling holes that are quite common in turbine engines that are running at higher temperatures. In contrast to conventional cutting tools, the extremely low wear and tear in EDM is driving its adoption across diverse applications. Aerospace component manufacturers are increasingly relying on EDM drilling technologies to manufacture complex precision parts in complex shapes. The EDM process can be used in machining any hard non-machinable alloys even after being heat treated to the max possible hardness. The metallurgical effect is far less deleterious than laser. The recast layer and the HAZ (Heat affected zone) are controlled to comply with the specific requirements.

EDM is used in several forms of High Precision Metal Removal:

  • Wire cutting -Large parts up to 26” high (tall or thick). Very few companies in North America are able to match this capability.
  • Sinking – Commonly used for Internal Splines or for any complex geometrical shapes that cannot be machined on any conductive metal.
  • FHD (Fast Hole Drilling) – Small holes from .016” dia. To be drilled in Concave or Convex surfaces.

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