Electro-Discharge Wire EDM

Electro-Discharge Wire EDM

Wire Cutting, Sink EDM and Ed-Bore

Innovative use of EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) technology that provides cost-effective solutions across Aerospace and Gas Turbines by using thermal energy to remove excess material from an object. Often used when high accuracy is required with various conductive materials such as Inconel, Titanium and Carbide.

Supported Programs and Applications

  • Programs: Aerospace, Defense, Space, Energy, Medical and Commercial.
  • Applications: Any Complex Geometry that cannot be machined by Conventional Machining methods.


  • Aerospace: Engine Parts, Airfoil
  • Defense: Wireless Communication Components for Ground Forces
  • Space: Light-Weight Wave Guides and Horns for Communication Satellites
  • Energy: Combustion Components such as Critical Cooling Holes
  • Medical: Surgical Instruments
  • Commercial: Extrusion Dies, Stamping Tooling (Punch & Die), Metal Parts requiring Internal Splines, Keyways, etc.

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