Mission & Values

Mission & Values

Our MISSION is to proudly deliver world-class high-end machining solutions to the aerospace and energy industries through our committed team, also through our innovative and diversified technology.

Our VISION is to become the first-choice supplier for our customers and become a market leader in providing services to the Aerospace, Defense and Energy industries through our brand and the commitment of our employees.

ELIMETAL will realize this vision by; actively understanding the needs of the aerospace industry, listening to the needs of the clientele, keeping an eye on new trends and pursuing our reinvestment policy in R&D and in workforce training. It will also be achieved through a philosophy based on a set of values and principles shared by ELIMETAL team members and from which policies, procedures and processes are developed.

Our Code of Values

  • Respect

    • Everyone employed by ELIMETAL is treated as an end in itself and is at the center of the company’s concerns.
    • All must contribute to maintaining a healthy and respectful work environment.
    • Respect is expressed through politeness, courtesy in interpersonal relationships.
    • The practice of courtesy and politeness towards individuals helps to maintain and develop a dynamic and challenging work environment that is open to change and the pursuit of well-being.
    • Respect is also expressed by the consideration given to the company, its customers, suppliers, and other partners.
  • Innovation

    • Innovation represents the implementation of new ideas.
    • It embodies the will and the creative power of the company and characterizes its desire to be a pioneer.
    • ELIMETAL considers that all its personnel have the capacity to think differently, daring and practicality as it represents a major source of competitive advantage.
  • Quality

    • The word quality is without a doubt one of the words most frequently used in the company.
    • It embodies faith in progress through the effort of everyone for the benefit of all.
    • It refers to a level of finishing and perfection in the execution of our products and services.
    • Quality, as a value, requires everyone to improve for others.
  • Continuous Improvement

    • Continually seeks to improve processes, procedures and working methods to increase the quality and effectiveness of existing systems.
    • It follows the theory of small steps as a principle, aiming at a steady and regular progression, which does not exclude spectacular advances (breakthroughs).
  • Rigor

    • ELIMETAL aims to differentiate itself from its competitors by its rigor; in both the plant and office, with team members knowing the importance of being disciplined and constant in their efforts.
    • Strictness is manifested in the ability to follow a procedure, process or project plan and a constant attention to detail.
    • It also has the ability to detect errors or improvements that can be made in our work or that of our colleagues.

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